Training & Development


As the American demographic has changed and communities have changed, we understand that businesses and organizations must also change. Nearly one in five Americans have a disability, what this represents to organizations and businesses are challenges but more importantly significant opportunity to tap into a new consumer base for services and goods.  We work with businesses and organizations alike to build natural alliances with purposes of gaining access to a market in which often goes under or un-served. 

In working with your group and/or organization we focus on helping you develop structures and mechanisms in order to address desired goals.  This ranges from staff and organizational development strategic planning community engagement and outreach. Through providing an array of tools for individual groups businesses and organizations STE helps in accessing understanding and effectively utilizing information to tap and serve a consumer base with $1 trillion in spending power.  Our customized services are tailored to each individual group business and/or organization, realizing the challenges while embracing the opportunities.


Area 0ne:

Advocacy and Outreach

Diversity and outreach for organizations to achieve often times can be complicated and confusing process. STE helps Businesses and Organizations take a holistic approach from assessment and evaluation all the way through planning and implementation. STE will work on organizational wide or project-by-project basis.

Area Two:

Policy Development

STE helps Advocates and organizations, policy efforts and initiatives that are geared towards: a) Informing the community on the FACTS of the issue. b) Supporting their efforts to have their voices HEARD and VALUED. C) Providing assistance to the community and other stakeholders in creating and sustain meaningful and open dialogue related to the issues. d) To shape effective, culturally sensitive and progressive public policy.

Area Three:

Staff Development and Training

STE designs organizational specific and mission specific curriculum for our partners in order to strengthen the staff and the organization as a whole, these custom curriculums and trainings are geared towards the maximum flexibility for our clients. These designs and curriculums are also tailored to be modular for each organization to use it in a timely fashion and with the most current information tools and techniques.