About Us

Who We Are

SoulTouchin' Experiences is an endeavor founded on the belief that in order to build a stronger community, there must be a heart and soul commitment to those who need assistance in order to begin caring for themselves and in turn caring for others.

This is achieved through collaborative partnerships and progressive advocacy efforts, aimed at community empowerment along with systemic policy change for persons with and without disabilities on a local and national level

SoulTouchin' Experiences where, "Everything has a Soul…"


What We Do

As the American demographic has changed and communities have changed, we understand that businesses and organizations must also change. Nearly one in five Americans have a disability, what this represents to organizations and businesses are challenges but more importantly significant opportunity to tap into a new consumer base for services and goods. We work with businesses and organizations alike to build natural alliances with purposes of gaining access to a market in which often goes under or unserved.

Areas Of Interest

We will continue to advocate for:

Improving the quality of public education for ALL students

Access to employment and promoting small business for people with disabilities

Civic and community engagement